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.NET Micro Framework

Central hub for .NET Micro Framework core development community

Welcome to the .NET Micro Framework

The Microsoft® .NET Micro Framework combines the reliability and efficiency of managed code with the premier development tools of Microsoft Visual Studio® to deliver exceptional productivity for developing embedded applications on small devices. The Microsoft .NET Micro Framework SDK supports development of code, including device I/O, in the C# language using a subset of the .NET libraries, and is fully integrated with the Microsoft Visual Studio® development environment.


NOTE: GitHub is the place for all future development of the .NET Micro Framework. The GitHub project contains the source for v4.4 and future releases of the .NET Micro Framework. The GitHub repository does not contain the ability to build the previous releases. For older version the original CodePlex NETMF site remains.


NOTE: As of v4.4 of the framework (and the move to GitHub) the Porting Kit is no longer necessary so there isn't any porting kit release for V4.4 or later. If you wish to use the digital signature support in TinyBooter and MFDeploy, you will need the legacy Crypto Libs.